OxyLUXE Spa at Gran Mahakam Hotel

SPA at Hotel Gran Mahakam, the modern and urban spa introduce its new treatment, OxyLUXE on 16 June 2014. OxyLUXE is an innovative solution to stay healthy and beautiful by receiving 100% pure oxygen into the body in a comfortable and stylish air pressure chamber.

SPA at HGM - 52

SPA at HGM - 34

With substantial quantity of pure Oxygen, this treatment will generate various benefits for your health and outer shell such as boost up Oxygen levels inside our body, increase endurance / body’s natural antibiotics, relieve depression, headaches, improve quality of sleep, eliminate acne and skin rejuvenating, increase physical stamina and produce more collagen to make your skin firm and fresh.

SPA at HGM - 43

Enjoy the 45 minutes treatment inside the chamber to maximize the Oxygen levels in the blood plasma to make you feel fresh and energized from time to time.

OxyLUXE 26 - m

Let OxyLUXE from Spa at Hotel Gran Mahakam make you fit and ageless.

Jalan Mahakam I no.6, Blok M, Jakarta 12130
Tel: (62 – 21) – 720 99 66
Fax: (62 – 21) – 725 55 32
E-mail : dopr@granmahakam.com, pro@granmahakam.com
Website : www.granmahakam.com

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